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    Re-imagining the marketplace

    March 1, 2021
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    What would it be like if the church could no longer operate inside pf congregational formats and buildings and had only the workplace/marketplace in which to function and thrive?

    I imagine 5 key things:

    1. It would mean that Christ's followers would likely be operating more alone or with limited, but more vital, connectedness to other believers.

    2. It would mean that we are daily living among those who have not yet discovered the love of God. Thus, we get to be their chance to "taste and see that the Lord is good."

    3. It infer that we are operating as value-creators, exchanging goods or services for our daily bread, not just 'making a living.'

    4. It would suggest that work would be a primary expression of our worship.

    5. It would invite us to develop natural talents and giftedness in the context of work-a-day life, and to nurture that potential for others around us.

    In acts 20, Paul described how he worked hard with his own hands to provide for his own needs and those of others. His mission was an extension of his marketplace function as a tentmaker.

    Ross and family operate a commercial office rental business in London, Canada.


    On Monday, March 8, 2021, Ross Rains said:

    Great insights, Tim. How did you hear about Pathfinders and this blog? :-)


    On Monday, March 8, 2021, Tim Aagard said:

    The Biblical record by instruction and example is clear. Clergyism is blinding. Despite their elevated Bible degrees and alleged "full time devotion" to the Bible, they can't see it.

    Recently I've been reading many books by clergy saying that marketplace work is HIGH ministry value. I have an article by one Pastor admitting "Pastoral malpractice" for excluding marketplace workers from "full time" status. But, this admission was only to change his talk around lay people. He was not changing his practice at all. His ministries are still RESERVED for him only. His office EXCLUDES all those marketplace ministers. He will still dominate the pulpit time. NOTHING in his actions were changing. This is a big problem. Talking different about not changing priorities to be inclusive, partnered, reproduced, and "entrusted". "The student is not greater than his teacher, but EVERYONE, when he is FULLY TRAINED, will BE LIKE HIM. Luke 6:40 No hired pulpit talker will obey Jesus on teaching. 100% REVERSAL.

    There are ways to break this revelation to the Bible experts. It's not easy. It will include alienation, name calling, being ignored. But being a messenger of the truth includes all that.


    On Saturday, March 6, 2021, Ross Rains said:

    Tim, I really like what you are saying. It makes me wonder that God has always been at work in and through marketplace people but it has not been regarded as a high calling. Today I noted Lydia in Acts, the seller of purple garments, who opened her home in Philippi to help launch the gospel. I noted in Romans 16:23 a coworker named Erastus, who was a city director of public works. Everything counts!


    On Saturday, March 6, 2021, Tim Aagard said:

    I'm not sure I would come up with anything powerful for the kingdom by merely imagining something different. I think there is plenty of revelation from God to revolutionize the marketplace as a focal point of obedience to the will and work of God. Col. 3:23,24 and 1 Cor. 15:58 are two of my favorites.

    Pulpit and pew facilities are the worst possible place for building the kingdom of God, for many reasons. The home and any other public place are excellent places and dynamics for doing the will of God.


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