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    Circles of grace

    October 27, 2023

    Imagine if we could as Christ followers think of every encounter as a circle of grace whether it is with just one other, or three or ten.

    Grace is where God lives. The Law came through Moses, grace and truth through Jesus Christ, said John the Apostle.

    As we build 'grace encounters' gradually they will be able to support the weight of truth, both relational truth and revelational truth. Grace enables me to tell you where I am struggling. This illustrates the sharing of relational truth as we share our hearts, not just information or data. Revelational truth has to do with the sharing of the Word of God, Jesus, and his influence in my life and the way scriptures inform me about God.

    Circles of grace have to do with spiritual dynamics of living in Christ and living out His love and grace. They can be thought of as stem cells that one day may differentiate into an ongoing fellowship of some kind. It may be a businessperson and a colleague or two that meets for coffee sharing life stories in an atmosphere of grace, which then leads to a discovery discussion group in the gospel of John and could bloom into a marketplace gathering that meets regularly to go deep.

    Your circle of grace may be a coffee with a neighbour this week. It could be a connection with distant relatives on a holiday. Or, it could be a small huddle of friends after a hockey game.

    His grace working through our weakness ...


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