a road less traveled

Today many followers of Christ are finding it difficult to grow in their faith within the congregational scene of the West, let alone be able to bring seeking friends into these environments. People can mean well, but the culture of many congregations and organizations is not connected with the reality of where many people are living today.

There is a migration from 'church as we know it.' While some of these are drifting, many are stepping away in order to find a deeper faith and mission in the context in which they live 24/7 … in their family network, in their neighborhood, the marketplace, etc.

The old way of 'doing church' is to go to a special building and attend a weekly meeting where the focus is more on building an audience and program than making disciples. The old pattern is let a small handful of people, mostly paid professionals, to do the major ministry from the front of the room.

The new way of 'doing church' is to consciously 'be the church' at all times, seeking fellowship with those who wish to 'do life' together. The new way is for each person to serve and minister with what they have. The new way is to set aside the Old Testament patterns of holy days, holy places, holy ceremonies and holy roles for selected people in favor of living as Christ's disciple in the contours of daily living and to make disciples as you go about life.

We see that Jesus' focus on the Kingdom is enormous in the New Testament. This helps us reframe our identify and mission amidst all the different ways in which the term 'church' has lost its meaning over time. 

Christendom as we know it in the West is eclipsing, but a new migration of Christ-followers is finding its way from the organized to the organic! Welcome to the migration. Welcome to the journey!

Ross Rains
London, Canada