Welcome to our website. We are a band of friends who are committed to find new paths into the hearts of people so that we might share the love of Christ with them. We do this through winning, discipling and equipping people in simple fellowship settings ... it might be in a home, in a business venue or among an affinity group of friends who enjoy sports or other activities together. Some call it 'simple church' or 'organic church.'

Our Mission:

To experience Christ through simple churching and to pass it on.
Our Vision:
To advance the gospel through oikos practitioners, households of faith, who live among the lost and make disciples.
Our Board:
Rev. Ray Klassen, Winnipeg
Dr. Doug Hamm, Victoria
Deb Floyd, Newcastle
Jim Klaas, Guelph
Alex Matheson, Hamilton
Rusty Stephens, Colorado Springs

Advisory Council:

Dr. Barb Haycraft, Toronto
Doug Vicars, Halifax
David MacLeod, London
Canada Office:
Suite 303
111 Waterloo Street
London, Ontario,
Canada N6B 2M4
Our Charitable Registration Number:
  • Online Resources Now Available!

    November 27, 2017
    Audio, powerpoint and downloadable documents are now available from the April, 2017 ELEMENTAL Conference in Toronto.

    See www.elemental2017.com for this growing library of resources.

    Stay turned for more information about ELEMENTAL West 2018 coming to Calgary in 2018!
  • ELEMENTAL huddle at Tyndale U. in Toronto! April 21-23!

    March 12, 2017

    Check www.elemental2017.com for all the info you need to pre-register today. Also, rooms on campus are available to book by April 4th for this event. Join this gathering of thought leaders in the missional/organic church movements. Questions: info@pathfindersfellowships.com

  • Announcing ELEMENTAL Huddle, Toronto. April 21-23, 2017

    December 02, 2016
    This International Simple Church Consultation will take place which will involve upwards of 25% of attendees participating in presentations. Those eager to see new wineskins for church planting, disciplemaking and mission will find this home. Keynote speakers confirmed include Neil Cole, Felicity Dale, Mike Frost, Barb Haycraft, John Ridgway, Curtis Sergeant, Wolfgang Simson. For more info. check Events or pathfindersfellowships.com/events
  • 'Online Pathfinders' Huddle October 27-28 at The Cove, Port Franks, Ontario

    September 27, 2016

    This is a working retreat where online practitioners will collaborate on various projects related to extending the gospel online. If you have an interest in this but are not part of the group, contact info@pathfindersfellowships.com to discuss getting involved.
  • Greenhouse 1 Coming to Calgary October 22-23

    September 21, 2016

    Neil Cole joins the friends of Pathfinders in West Canada for a powerful two day session on the concepts and content of organic churching. This event is suited to those keen about neighbourhood and marketplace ministry as well as for those stretching to grow and multiply beyond their congregational scene. For information or to register, write info@pathfindersfellowships.com
  • 'Simply churching' living room workshops

    May 04, 2016
    'Simply churching' workshops have been held in three provinces since the beginning of the year. If you would like to host a workshop for friends in your home, write to us at info@pathfindersfellowships.com

  • Farming, First Nations youth, life-on-life

    April 02, 2016

    What happens when Stephen Cousins of PEI brings youth to The Shepherds Farm? Animals are cared for, crops are planted, skills are learned and Jesus is lived out in a warm, hospitable environment which is changing lives.
  • Gospel On Web

    March 30, 2016
    Apologetic articles, life issue essays and gospel presentations are being downloaded in 18 languages around the world, 13,000 downloads per day. Pray for the impact as God's Word is sowing into minds and hearts.
  • Pathfinders Fellowships Host POIEMA

    February 11, 2016
    simple church practitioners ...
    Ephesians Reading Retreat!
    April 16-17, 2016
    London, Canada
    Write info@pathfindersfellowships.com
  • John Ridgway Facilitator

    February 04, 2016

    We are pleased to announce that John Ridgway,
    frontiers missionary, will be with us to facilitate
    our exploration of Ephesians!


What we do ...

We are an association of people who are eager to start small, indigenous movements of the gospel and a more organic/missional approach to how we ‘do church’ ... by affirming the headship of Jesus in community, focus on making disciples, active labouring in the harvest and the dynamic functioning of Ephesians 4:11-12 roles at the local and trans-local level.  Our dream is to find new trails so that more unreached can discover the life Jesus offers. 

What we value ...
  • ordinary people leading 'where they are'
  • nurturing relationships
  • Scripture-rooted open fellowship and sharing
  • built around seekers
  • practical discipleship and accountability
  • reproducibility of fellowships to create new fellowships
  • relational and intentional
  • house churching / marketplace cells